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World Peace Ashram

World Peace Ashram We are the visible branch of the 501(c)(3) educational & charitable non-profit corporation: Divine Tools, Unlimited.  Since 2004 we have offered a rustic retreat & community for self-renewal on 80 acres in Northeast Arizona, with various programs, guest presenters and festivals/celebrations. For the past seven years, we opened to the public each […]

Spring/Summer 2014 – Transformation Abounds!

Greetings!  After a long hiatus from managing any web presence, I am finally readying (not actually ‘ready’ yet, mind you) to re-engage with this format, and here is the first communication in more than a year – egads! We are still not quite open for guest services, although some conversation about that is in process.  […]

2013 – Winter to Spring

Well, heartfelt greetings after a long hiatus from this site for me! I had the opportunity to go away and work outside Tokyo for three months, and I did so, and utterly neglected this website while gone.  Hope you didn’t worry about us, we’re quite well! Things are in flux here, however, as they are […]