World Peace Ashram

We are the visible branch of the 501(c)(3) educational & charitable non-profit corporation: Divine Tools, Unlimited.  Since 2004 we have offered a rustic retreat & community for self-renewal on 80 acres in Northeast Arizona, with various programs, guest presenters and festivals/celebrations.

For the past seven years, we opened to the public each Earth Day/April, and operated as a small-scale guest and volunteer-worker retreat center through October or first frost.  We’ve met remarkable folks from all over the planet during those years, and our guests enriched us and made their marks on our facilities – we are very grateful for each of you.  This year, however, we have made a change…

For 2011, we are embracing with all of our being the current/9th or Universal Wave of the evolution in human consciousness as described by Carl Calleman (, due to his ‘translation’ for Western ‘civilizations’ or cultures of what is held in common among many indigenous peoples’ traditions and wisdom teachings – that mankind is presently undergoing a shift in consciousness, entering a New Age of Love & Light, of Peace & Oneness, developing wide-scale Unity consciousness where a paradigm of greed, fear and inequality have risen over many centuries.

This 9th wave only runs from early March through late October of this year, at the end of which time mankind will have created & received all the stimuli and opportunity available from the Source to decide what we want our Edenic, paradisical, mind-blowing Future to become.  May we all choose wisely.  The Trustees have decided to give ourselves the best possible opportunity to align with the evolutionary shifts, and to be part of the solution to the problems that at times seem to overwhelm us all.  We hope to see you again next year, and we welcome you to read through our pages, check out the Links We Love, and to write us if you feel so moved.

We send out into the world our hearts’ love and light, and a wish for pervasive peace of mind, across all beings and persons.

Greetings!  After a long hiatus from managing any web presence, I am finally readying (not actually ‘ready’ yet, mind you) to re-engage with this format, and here is the first communication in more than a year – egads!

We are still not quite open for guest services, although some conversation about that is in process.  We are even hesitant to schedule any WWOOFers until our planned activities and travels calm down in late June or July.  Please bear with us, and know that we are grateful for your interest, your positive attraction to our work & goals.  Life has taken us in unanticipated directions the past 2-3 years – perhaps you can relate, no?

We are working to re-post photos of our location and facilities – please check back during May for updates!

And remember to be kind to yourself, and always to be kind to others, because everyone is transforming – a lot! – during these transitional times… back with you soon!


Guy and Gary Hari3greenhouse ext


Well, heartfelt greetings after a long hiatus from this site for me!

I had the opportunity to go away and work outside Tokyo for three months, and I did so, and utterly neglected this website while gone.  Hope you didn’t worry about us, we’re quite well!

Things are in flux here, however, as they are across the entire planet, still… we’ve decided to distinguish the residents of this little community from the workings of the non-profit business, Divine Tools, Unlimited, just this week in fact, so the impact of that has yet to gel and to trickle down into anything describe-able yet.

But in the short term, it seems safe to say that we are not functioning as anything like an Ashram at this time, and apparently have no real vision to do so, at least not among the group we currently have living here.  This is a sadness for me, but it is just the reality of what has existed for the past three years anyway, so not a surprise, just an acknowledgement.

We will go back to calling ourselves the Desert Monastery & Retreat, at least for now, as it captures the limited availability of a few guest cabins and the creation of a few group-use spaces.  How these will be used will be developed in the months to come.  We are getting some new Trustees, and I expect this will energize the few who remain on the Board to dream and envision great things for our little place in the months and years ahead.

Hope 12/21/12 wasn’t just a hiccup for you – that you sense the great, deep shifts that are indeed taking place within and around us all.  And I look forward to a new venue to reach out to you in the days to come.

Namaste, Beloveds…

Time certainly slips away, doesn’t it?

I was working out of state for most of October, an opportunity which came up quickly & unexpectedly, so I’m sorry about there being no post for last month, but here it is already nearly Thanksgiving!  I want to say this is evidence of the shift in time awareness and consciousness, but it might just be feeling too distracted to be attentive to previously-strong patterns… and might these be the same thing??

Not many changes the past two months except that its gotten colder, and I have once again become the non-profit’s President by Board vote at our annual meeting.  We are in such a null-state here in the Autumn and Winter that it seems we have hibernated once again, and it will likely be March before the energy surges again to make plans and announce events to be held here.  We might have a long-term WWOOFer coming the end of the week, and I might travel out of country with my contracting work, but otherwise we have several gatherings going on to celebrate harvest time, also the 11th Gate Activation happening in Peru (we’ll have a tiny Anchor Group in the labyrinth Thursday), and then we do the slow slide into Winter.

What I’m gently excited about is the coming winter solstice and the culmination of many shifts, transitions and transformations happening the past couple of years in the galaxy, in our solar system, on our planet, and in our individual and collective bodies and consciousnesses.  What a ride it has been!  I am so content to be still and quiet for now, to feel it all, to ponder it all, and to be present for it all.

And while I had imagined there would be great, heaving events, they have been modulated to seem not so heaving, and more undulating… so the notion that there would be a point in time when things would Stop. and Start again. now seems unlikely, and that’s probably a very good thing – certainly there are disruptions in the lives of those in the NE of the country affected by ‘Superstorm Sandy’ and its sequels, and as I write this Israel & Pakistan are lobbing missiles at each other.  But there seems to be a blanket of calm or normalcy over everything, as if nothing is going to blast out too crazily for all of us as a whole, and continue to be affecting us on a regional, local, and individual level.  That will facilitate our development of communities, which is as it needs to be.  Blessings to each of you, and to your endeavors for the coming months.  May peace settle over all the Earth, and may we become enlightened to the spiritual-divine that underlies all things.  Namaste…

It seems as though we are hanging in the balance (if we are lucky in the moment!), or being tossed between the rails of duality (if we are not yet good at detachment from external events and ‘noise’), and yet perhaps not actually ‘getting anywhere.’  This is true… we are still practicing being really IN our bodies, and living there, and learning there is nowhere else to go or to be.  This can be discombobulating at best, and seem harsh and even dangerous at its worst.  The good news is that nothing is happening that you can’t handle.  The bad news is that you may not yet realize how true that is, and thus you may indulge in the drama or the appearance of drama.  We are still being shown the places and ideas we harbor that carry attachments to the old, worn-out paradigm, until we get good at letting go and trusting.  Please get good at that – the letting go & trusting parts.

The second thing that’s in our faces is the speeding-up of the material manifestation of our thoughts, seeing what our feelings used to keep hidden emerge or happen before our very eyes.  Time as we have known it has quickened so that the lag time is much-diminished – this is lesson-time, folks; its what the 5th dimension is all about, so don’t fight it; instead: get good at it.  We are all being called to stop holding or generating negative pictures and feelings, because as Creators, that’s what we’ll get.  And I’m not talking about ‘affirmations’ – although we are seeing the reality behind why those were on the spiritual path – but rather the everyday, moment-to-moment thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions we have long been taught were invisible and of little external importance.

More and more, for example, we are being shown how our beliefs have created our daily context, such as illnesses and diseases, and how releasing old patterns can make us whole, when we believe we are.  And we are being encouraged to actively imagine what we desire, what brings us peace and joy and that wonderful sense of ‘well-being’ that makes Life worth living through all the muck.  Because what we focus on – what we visualize in our minds & hearts – will be generated for us, out of the stuff of the Universe!

This is all excellent news, IF we tune into it and live it.

If you are having difficulty controlling your thoughts… if old, negative ‘tapes’ still play as you go through your day, telling you what a jerk you were or how no one likes you, etc… then that’s what you’ll get to experience, in spades.  We are supposed to keep doing it until we get so fed up with it that we stop from exhaustion, if necessary – whatever it takes – until we stop, and become aware and conscious, and then become intentional.  Whew!

And in light of how much more Light and advancement potential we are being showered with on a daily basis now, the ‘resistance’ (where it exists) is pressing hard against making any retreat, so 3D things will continue to heat up, appearance-wise, for som time still.  Get used to it, but don’t get worn out by it.

Spend your time, instead, being aware of what is so beautiful, and right, and delightful around you, in this moment, and this one… and acknowledge that you are largely co-creating this beauty and rightness with your thoughts and emotions.  Msking choices.  In every moment.  Time as we have known it IS changing, forever.  Thanks, God.

And for those who want to know what’s going on here at the Ashram: I have been painting all the guest cabins – yes, everyone is getting a facelift, eventually – and bringing more color and joy to the environment.  For years we have gone with a goldenrod & green color theme, but no longer!  And there is some attention on putting up insulation and wallboard inside, although that project moves more slowly, but its getting done….

There was a spurt of construction activity at the Abode to get the new houseplant greenhouse framed, and the rafters now soar invitingly; however, construction funds ran out and it awaits new infusions of manual labor, hopefully to be done before the first freeze.  It will also be a great place for growing salad greens over the winter, I hope.  And the transformation of our former bedroom into the Retreat Center dining room has begun – we’ve decided to rip up the carpet and install a tile floor, so wish me luck in that project.  All in all, things are looking very good for us being open for  guests in 2013, so much so that I have announced an Open House for Saturday, Sept. 22, to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a married couple, the 7th anniversary of the Retreat Center, and to observe the Balance point of the Autumnal Equinox and the winding down of this year of transformation into the Fall & harvest season (for us in the Northern Hemisphere)… and there might be a full moon in there, too.  If you’re in the vicinity, you’re welcome to come join in the potluck that begins at 4 pm and goes as long as we want it to.  But just in case all the insulation hasn’t been covered yet, don’t plan on using a cabin, OK?   🙂

Remarkable!  The third quarter of this year has arrived – who knew what this would look like or feel like, eh?

For myself, it is a lot more, and also a lot less ‘fulfilled’ than what I had imagined – I’ll just admit that openly. The ‘lot more’ has to do with what we’ve accomplished on the premises this year – a productive onion garden, a greenhouse full of houseplants and last year’s surviving & yummy tomatoes, new garden beds, the Abode of the Divine Feminine nearly complete (with outbuildings coming along – such big ideas!), the cabins have facelifts and look like big colorful jelly beans scattered around the place!  One of the 6 cabins has been commandeered (by me) for use as the new Office of the non-profit and the Desert Monastery et al. the various activity & project titles – it feels right to have a separate space for all of that, and makes the Main House a lot neater, too.

Speaking of the Main House, what a transformation it is undergoing!  As Kevin & I move out into our own personal spaces, we have freed up our old bedroom for the new Dining Area, which will have seating for 10-14 folks – that will be way more comfortable for our guests and for our community potlucks, just in time for the Fall/Winter season of celebrations.  That means the current eating area becomes the buffet service line, and that opens the kitchen a lot, which we’ll all enjoy.  With the Library completed, and the ‘back room’ that was part office-part storage now the sewing room (at least for this winter), everything we own seems to have changed places at least once this summer!  What all this activity has lacked in sociability and events on-site for the 2012 season, I expect will be amply made up for over many years of operation ahead, and with more ease & comfort!

This month marks an important watershed for Kevin & I, as well as the property: our 10th anniversary is in two weeks!  We’ve discussed holding our annual Open House now, at the end of the season (instead of the usual April/Earth Day date), on Saturday the 22nd from 4-6 in the afternoon, and offering tours of the new Labyrinth and the Main House, if we can just get a few more things done by then!  Stop by in any case, and forgive us if we are still under construction, OK?  But the more important ‘watershed’ is the direction and intention for this property… will we offer classes in 2013 and beyond? or retreat opportunities? Is there interest and economic will to travel to our remote location from places far afield, or have folks hunkered down and choosing to stay home?  These are issues for the whole community to contemplate, and I will post in the months ahead as decisions are made and openings created for you to visit us.  What choices are you considering lately, and what changes do these represent in your reality since the beginning of this year? Since 3 years ago, or five?  Hmmm…

We had a visitor recently who said she had studied us from miles away, during the past several years, and now (being in the vicinity) she brought her large heart and soul ideas’ energy for what could be accomplished here… her vibrant excitement was a breath of fresh air for me, but it all seemed [sadly] out of sync with our Now, something out of our past iteration(s).  That has given me much to consider – has the formative dream that created this place died, or just taken a sabattical?  What will emerge from this fallow period of 2012?  I am as interested to see what comes next as you are, no doubt, and far less certain of how it will look & feel – here, and in our greater world – than I have ever been before.  I consider this place – this experiment in eco-village – to be a microcosm of a far larger movement, the groundswell of hope and optimism that thrives beneath the surface appearance of our society.  Literally no one now knows what the future holds – and that is downright uncomfortable for the average American, I suspect; perhaps for the average human being.  Living in this transformative time, during the transition between the old paradigm and the New… well, its unpredictable, and that is just how it is as we enter the time of Balance once again – the seasonal time when the length of the day shrinks to draw even with the length of the night.  May this Equinox be the tipping point into the New – I, for one, am certainly ready (I think)!  Be well… Namaste