Autumn – 2011

Greetings, Evolving Humankind!

[The process of transferring our former business site,, into this new venue has proved daunting and laborious. Please bear with us while we complete these file transfers and uploads.]

We are in our 14th year of operation as the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Divine Tools, Unlimited, and the Trustees are now all in residence at the rustic 80-acre site which is home to our World Headquarters, lovingly called the World Peace Ashram (formerly/since 2004, known as the Desert Monastery & Retreat).

While we have historically opened for the guest season at Earth Day each April, and closed in late October, in 2011 the Trustees agreed that we would only be available for private, specially-arranged personal retreats, as we completed our community development projects.  This gave us time for our own personal meditations as well as to support the whole of humanity throughout this pivotal Year of Transformation, the 9th / Universal Wave in the winding down of the Old Times.  That cycle ends the end of October.  After billions of years, we are Here, Now.  Wow!

While little is known, more is daily glimpsed and perceived of this New Time we are entering and co-creating, this year our normal ‘season’ exactly coincided with the 9th Wave, and to honor ourselves during this remarkable but intense period, we elected not to try to accommodate others as hosts or direct service providers.  We’ve appreciated your understanding, and we sincerely and energetically support you in your own unfolding process throughout this unprecedented year of 2011.

May you find yourself growing in conscious awareness and visceral sensitivity to the vast transformative shifts taking place all around and within each of us on the planet.  As we align along the World Tree between the Galactic Center (Milky Way galaxy), the Solar Center (our sun), our heart chakra (our individual body) and the Earth’s Heart (the iron crystal core of the planet), transient but deep feelings of indefinable chaos will transform mystically and irrevocably into Oneness – just be at peace, and let it flow.  If you feel a deep need to come to us, please write us at:, and propose your wishes, we will see what we can accommodate.

We wish you well, we wish you Love, and we look forward to this push in our genetic and cosmological evolution with you.  Be still… and Know.