May 2011

Spring has come forth, in the early stages of her eventual glory, here at the Ashram, and we welcome her with open arms & hearts! I observe the anniversary of my birth once again, noting changes in the physical body, the mental dialogs, the emotional landscapes, and the spiritual bliss-moments.  The sense of being too […]

April 2011

Ahh… the Vernal Equinox has passed, Easter is still 3 weeks away, and indeed things seem to be moving at an ever-faster rate, do they not? [We were offline for far too long during the winter as we changed providers, the transition of to this site seems to still be a long way off, […]

March 2011

The earliest indications of Spring are coming into view… tiny green leaves emerging above the surface of the soil, the warming days, the winds.  What fills my awareness, however, is the start early this month of the final, Universal or 9th wave of the Maya’s and many other indigenous peoples’ description of the evolution of […]

February 2011

Rarely does a confluence of factors come together at one time as it does today – this is the first day of the Lunar New Year, celebrated as the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. One aspect of Rabbit is the hopping from thing to thing, and the speedy shifting of directions and seeming indecisiveness. Add […]