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2012 Has Arrived! Are you psyched?

We ‘went dark’ at the Ashram early in January due to some hardware problem and it took our Internet service provider 2 weeks to repair it! so we are posting late this month… thus, we’re already more than 3 weeks into the year, and so far, everything is still intact and seemingly the ‘same.’  However, I have increasingly felt that the expectation that things will be the same tomorrow as they were yesterday is no longer reliable, and in the weeks ahead it would be wise to accept it when processes do not complete or no longer follow your planned or desired sequence(s).

On the other hand and at the same time, one of the manifestations of the ‘speeding up’ or acceleration of time continues to be the quickened pace at which things you desire, appear, or that you’re thinking about, happen.  And I understand there is a good reason for this – its training.  One of the aspects of 4th-5th dimensional living will be the lack of density of 3-D… when things occur at the speed of light, we get the feedback – the results and/or consequences – far more quickly.  We are being given opportunities to ‘check’ ourselves and our thoughts now – to discover our thinking and speaking patterns and habits, e.g. do I really want what I just said to come true?  If what I just thought came to pass, would it make things better or worse?

The truth that ‘thoughts are things’ (or quickly become things) is NOT a reality our shadowed culture is prepared to live; 3rd-D has placed quite a buffer between what we ‘create’ in our thoughts and what we experience in our outer world, the lag time being due to material density.  We are all being given many opportunities to experience manifestation at the speed of thought, and most of us will be taken aback more than once by seeing our ‘creations’ become ‘real’ much more quickly in the recent and coming months.  Its all practice for our dimensional shifts, because we don’t really want to create a lot of what our thoughts express, not yet.

Know, however, that each human being is beginning or continuing to spend increasing amounts of time – still mostly while asleep – in the higher dimensional states.  What this ‘practice’ time is accomplishing is for us to have increasing amount of experience at those higher levels of thought and experience.  With these perspectives, no matter how different from our ‘normal’ or waking awarenesses, we ARE shifting and developing into higher beings.  From this, we may find ourselves feeling somewhat bored or tired of our normal waking existence; there may be a vague, nagging sense of impatience to ‘get on with it’ and move ahead.  Some have been feeling this for months, some for longer still.  Do not give up – sense how you are feeling what Gaia/Earth has been feeling as She waits for her humanity-children to awaken to their actions and repercussion cycles, and to make better decisions – decades she’s been waiting, and the time for moving forward presses firmly.  As my father used to say: ‘we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, but its got to be done.’  That’s about where we are as a species and a planet this year, and each month, each quarter, will push us closer to the point of inevitability, of no more time to waste, to zero point.

For myself, this has been a really long wait – like a long climb up a mountain range, and I have reached the ridgeline and have nearly finished the climb – sometimes things are clear to me, and sometimes occluded for a while.  But when I stop for any moment to contemplate things, I realize with a start that I/we have arrived!  The goal is within reach! I can’t tell you how blessed, relieved, and grateful that makes me feel!!

I encourage you today, for this New Moon, to focus on some of the goals you have let slide – for winter, for the holidays, for impatience, etc – and see which ones can move to the front burner for the next weeks.  Spring is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, and I believe we will feel closer to and more in partnership with the earth, the soil, our plants and food supply, this year.  At last!  The empowerment that will come from taking charge and managing your nutritional intake and support will energize you on many levels of your beingness, and be another step in your self-sovereignty.  Be well.  Be at Peace.

I love you…