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2013 – Winter to Spring

Well, heartfelt greetings after a long hiatus from this site for me!

I had the opportunity to go away and work outside Tokyo for three months, and I did so, and utterly neglected this website while gone.  Hope you didn’t worry about us, we’re quite well!

Things are in flux here, however, as they are across the entire planet, still… we’ve decided to distinguish the residents of this little community from the workings of the non-profit business, Divine Tools, Unlimited, just this week in fact, so the impact of that has yet to gel and to trickle down into anything describe-able yet.

But in the short term, it seems safe to say that we are not functioning as anything like an Ashram at this time, and apparently have no real vision to do so, at least not among the group we currently have living here.  This is a sadness for me, but it is just the reality of what has existed for the past three years anyway, so not a surprise, just an acknowledgement.

We will go back to calling ourselves the Desert Monastery & Retreat, at least for now, as it captures the limited availability of a few guest cabins and the creation of a few group-use spaces.  How these will be used will be developed in the months to come.  We are getting some new Trustees, and I expect this will energize the few who remain on the Board to dream and envision great things for our little place in the months and years ahead.

Hope 12/21/12 wasn’t just a hiccup for you – that you sense the great, deep shifts that are indeed taking place within and around us all.  And I look forward to a new venue to reach out to you in the days to come.

Namaste, Beloveds…