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Spring has come forth, in the early stages of her eventual glory, here at the Ashram, and we welcome her with open arms & hearts!

I observe the anniversary of my birth once again, noting changes in the physical body, the mental dialogs, the emotional landscapes, and the spiritual bliss-moments.  The sense of being too busy, too full, too active, is nearly constantly with me, yet I cannot say that much of long-term value is being accomplished or even attempted.  I feel obligations, but they are of old-paradigm systems and patterns (ruts), and having a 5th-dimensional consciousness while functioning in a 4th-dimension overlay on 3rd-dimensional activity is disconcerting at times, lethargic often, and tiring in waves.  I sincerely hope that you are finding yourselves far more energetic for things that inspire you, active in spheres that excite and nourish you.  I feel like I’m energetically slogging through ankle-deep mud here, some days!

Nevertheless, the outer world gives much evidence of a shifting consciousness among all of mankind, does it not? Countries long led by autocratic rulers are experiencing uprisings by huge swaths of their populations, and many of these old-paradigm leaders have been forced from their positions of power.  If you imagine these as up-risings of strong seeds of democracy, social egalitarian strivings, or other new-paradigm energies planted over time, we can see a trend that is not at all about the control of foreign oil reserves (as the media too often states), but rather about human consciousness no longer accepting overlords, seeking freedom and self-regulation.  Of course, we offspring of the evolution must mature, and adolescence is never without turmoil, is it?

Have you found your serene, ‘happy place’ within, that mindset to which you can retreat when too-stimulated by the appearances of chaos in social-physical events?  Please do so, and visit there often in the days ahead.  The human race needs more & more of its members to ‘hold space’ for the calm, effective and incredible transition from our old ways of being to our bright and beautiful new reality that is emerging.  And it just feels so much better than the fear & gloom messages that continue but are fading, hoping (expecting) to drag us down, dimming vestiges of 4th-dimensional creations which do not serve the whole, but only served the minority.  Clear out all the negative, hurtful and fearful in your own mental closets – Spring Cleaning is more important this year than ever before!

Ahh… the Vernal Equinox has passed, Easter is still 3 weeks away, and indeed things seem to be moving at an ever-faster rate, do they not?

[We were offline for far too long during the winter as we changed providers, the transition of to this site seems to still be a long way off, until the school year is complete at the end of May (since I work at the local elementary school as their Counselor) so I can turn my increasingly limited attention to the effort.  My apologies to our fans & friends for the inconsistency during this time.]

Things are busy here at the Ashram!  Construction work on the Abode of the Divine Feminine continues, and I should be moving in during June – Yay!!  Kevin has indications that he will be moving into the ‘bread-winner’ role by late summer, as a speech pathology assistant in a Navajo reservation school most likely.  In that transition – from my long-time off-site employment to at last becoming a retreatant here where my heart’s work has focused for so long – I am so grateful, but feel so tired, used up.  Being on sabbatical from the world seems to be a long-ignored yearning at last coming into being… it feels like I have waited too long for this way of life.

When I remember that this is the 1st night & 2nd day of this 9th wave, however, my perspective shifts; when seeds are planted, they rest in the darkness until they ‘die’ as kernels and are born as ‘plants’ – root & stem emerge.  This is the period we have been in during March – new seeds of change have been planted, seeming hidden until the breaking forth begins, and the surface (public awareness) is breached.  Now there will come reactions, and adjustments, and more growth & development.  It would not be reasonable to get depressed at this point – but rather jubilant that what has long been desired and anticipated has begun, has been quickened and is emerging!

I encourage you to watch for a long series of things of the ‘old paradigm’ to which you are attached, and to consciously – intentionally – release them, cast them off to be transformed, as a snake sheds its skin.  For wisdom tells us that if everything is shifting, we can either ‘do this the easy way or the hard way,’ but change into the new, higher-order paradigm, we will.   And to be ‘at Cause’ rather than Effect – passively and impotently being buffeted by the winds of change, instead of feeling our spiritual power & expressing creative mastery – will only make this time of transformation more difficult.  Watch the public media, and how events are ‘spun’ and reported as these next months unfold.  You’ll see much evidence of hidden things coming to light, old ways and means being routed to clear the way for new agendas and more positive human society.

Be at peace… within, and in your small spheres of influence.  We are the ones we have waited for, and we can “change the world, re-arrange the world.”  And we ARE doing so….

The earliest indications of Spring are coming into view… tiny green leaves emerging above the surface of the soil, the warming days, the winds.  What fills my awareness, however, is the start early this month of the final, Universal or 9th wave of the Maya’s and many other indigenous peoples’ description of the evolution of human consciousness.  I read that we can expect another exponential leap in mental and social activity levels, by a factor of 20, like what happened back in January 1999.  If you’ll recall, folks became increasingly aware that life was moving faster, that there were too many things happening to pay attention to them all?  Well, its happening again… imagine a year’s worth of change & activity as we’ve become (mostly) accustomed to it, happening now and over the next 6 months, in less than 3 weeks!

We will be moving through so much change, so much activity in the public and private arenas of experience, that we are likely to feel we must release our sense of need to manage everything – it just won’t be possible!  For most of you, this may seem an unwelcome transformation, but imagine the result – so little to organize, so much less to keep track of, such freedom and peace, more  tranquility and serenity…  Bring it on, I say!  However, the emergence/birth of any new Child is always fraught with compression,  and a wrenching away from what is familiar before the emergence into the new reality – so expect there to be much about our familiar social and national experiences that will be in transition, deconstruction, and re-organization.  If all goes well, we will hardly recognize our present reality in the new & improved reality that comes into being during the course of this year and solidifies during 2012.  I bet you haven’t imagined that 2012 is a year of ‘coming to wholeness and stability’!  Sit with that notion for a while, in your meditations in the weeks to come…  Namaste

Rarely does a confluence of factors come together at one time as it does today – this is the first day of the Lunar New Year, celebrated as the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. One aspect of Rabbit is the hopping from thing to thing, and the speedy shifting of directions and seeming indecisiveness.
Add to this that today is a New Moon in Aquarius in the middle of Mars, which means that we have the strength to make the changes we want now, as he is swift like unexpected lightning. It also cautions us to be mindful of what things we participate in, and whether mentally, emotionally, or ‘actually’ as in physically, and whether we want to lend our energy to those things; remember we have a choice where our attention goes.
And, because I am a student of the Mayan Calendar, we are also in the final weeks leading up to the Ninth Wave of Consciousness that hits 3/9/11, this last one which will be of Universal awareness. We’ve evolved through human consciousness at the Cellular, the Mammalian, the Familial, the Tribal, the Cultural, the National, the Planetary, and are in the last year of the current Galactic levels. Next month we enter the final Wave, and it speeds things up 20 times faster than the previous/Galactic level, which began 1999. Just so you are prepared a bit, they say that the amount of information we dealt with each of the past 12 years (360 days), we will now be facing in 2½ week cycles! So expect a feeling of riding a roller coaster, or sitting in one of those spinning cups rides at the Fair. I mention this so you won’t feel out of control, even when it most seems that you are far from being in control!
In fact, I will share one of the most valuable – but most, er, unimaginable – notions that I have run across in all my research into indigenous traditions about this period in Man’s development, about what the shift to a Universal Consciousness will mean for mankind: that as we move ‘out of our minds’ and ‘into our hearts,’ we will “have fewer thoughts.” All of mankind will be progressively living more from our heart, unavoidably being more ‘in the moment’ [maybe hanging on by the skin of our teeth] and less administratively functional. Just so Life doesn’t take you by surprise when ‘it’ [the relative mental dysfunction] happens to you, or you observe it happening to family members, community members, people across the country, and across the planet….
So, whether you attribute the latest shift or acceleration to the Year of the Rabbit, or the Universal Wave of Consciousness, or just a random bleep in the linear flow of Life ~ keep a sense of humor about it all, to keep you sane!