Wow! This is a very powerful summer, yet the shift remains to many so extremely subtle that they can still report in public that nothing seems different… really?!  This is the nature of the disconnect between the 3rd dimension – of not only form but experiences of limitations, time buffers between thought & manifestation, and the unproductive aspects of duality – and the 4th, in which Time is far more Present Moment/Now, ego takes a back seat to the Heart, and we cease to imagine things we don’t want!  The 5th dimension of Balance and Joy seems more possible, even at times accessible… and isn’t that a great way to live!

The Eden events of the past 10 years gave way this year to the first Children of Light conference, held in June in Aurora, CO (yes, we drove away just as the huge fires began in Colorado Springs).  During that marvelous gathering, we were treated to the Divine Presence shining out through the eyes and smiling face of Dougji, Oneness giver trained at the Oneness University in India, to diksha (deeksha) from several persons associated with the Oneness University, and to a new Wholeness Blessing, brought & shared by Joe Crane, who created the Eden events through contact with Archangel Michael.  I had already been given transmission capacity for diksha through Sai Maa years ago, so now I am blessed to have even more ways to share healing energies with any who request or allow it!

And I am pleased with our measurable progress in continuing to build & upgrade our infrastructure here at the Ashram/Retreat Center, so that we will indeed be ready to be open for business in 2013!  The Abode of the Divine Feminine – my personal sanctuary and a round, kiva-like structure – is now my part-time habitation and full-time creative space, and I am so grateful for it!  Thanks to Kevin for so much time spent in construction over the past 2+ years!

Of course, there is more… there will be a 2nd greenhouse soon, and a small micro-nursery business propagating houseplants for gifts and decor, to be shared at the local Farmers Market in 2013 and beyond.  All of the cabins are being insulated for longer-season use, and they are also getting a facelift, as well shift from a site-wide tan & green color scheme to a festive range of bright colors, beginning with the new Retreat Office, in plum & thistle.  This is what comes of letting the inner child out and giving her free rein around here…  🙂

I refer you to the writings of Jim Self as he articulates his understanding of the shift that we have been going through the past months & years – I find his descriptions [on Mastering] to be clear and readable, and encourage you to check them out.

We’re starting to plan a celebration here, for September – our 10th anniversary, the 7th year of operation as a retreat center, the equinox, and the run-up to / the final quarter before December 2012 [and whatever happens between now & then, around then, and afterwards].  If you are in the area, you are invited (please RSVP first, though!) For all of us, it is good to be gentle with ourselves, particularly during this Mercury retrograde (until August 7).  Be open, and calmly alert, and take some time to consider how much your own personal world has changed the past year, my Friends.

Blessiing you to feel Peace in your mind and Joy in your hearts… Namaste!

May 2012

I LOVE May!  It brings my natal anniversary (on the 4th) and Spring is evident in all the plants, trees, gardens & throughout Nature – so much abundance!!

This week’s Full Moon, and the New Moon that brings a total Solar Eclipse, are just two of the outward events in the skies above us that are continuing to bring in a great deal of new, higher-vibrational energy as the transformations of this time continue.

Next month Venus will transit the Sun, on her ‘return’ in the cycles that have been an aspect of the Mayan and other indigenous wisdom traditions & knowledge for millenia.  This event puts the full force of our Sun behind the vibrational entity we call Venus – the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Grace and Feminine Influence – transmitting to the Earth and all Her inhabitants – that’s us!  This means that the process of this age that brings the Divine Feminine into balance with the long-dominant Divine Masculine (with all its permutations – positive & negative in their effects) will get a powerful boost, and it may be felt viscerally as well as mentally and energetically.  But that’s still a month away – for now, we are hearing of tremendous shifts in economic stability and that the top of the hierarchical pyramids of business and finance may be toppling… its all still hush-hush, secretive and not mainstream ‘news’ but expect that this quarter will bring many provocative changes to the public arena, the marketplace, etc.

Be well… check out things that touch your consciousness, even very lightly – do not dismiss your intuitive sparks and fall in Love with Life this month!

I wish you great joy, beauty and peace of mind… Be Happy!  You are deeply loved!

Checking in: Sorry for there having been no entry until now for this month.  Here’s what’s happening…

We continue to be busy here at the Ashram/community – attending gardening classes and community meetings, planting seeds, raising starts for the garden, digging new garden beds, having visiting WWOOFers, upgrading the ‘old’ greenhouse, building the new greenhouse for the houseplants & starting the new “Happy Hermit Houseplants” micro-nursery business… (Whew!)… also: putting the finishing touches on the Abode of the Divine Feminine (Yay!!), planting roses & vining plants at the Arbor, planting more trees, insulating all the guest cabins (3.5 down, 4.5 to go) and converting four of them into office and other use spaces.

This will open up the Main House for a near-future of being entirely guest-ready, rather than housing Kevin & I for any personal activities – we will leave our home of the past 10 years, but all our guests will have far more accessibility to cooking and dining facilities, and not have to be shooed out of the Library at bedtime – all good changes, but change, nonetheless.

As Solara ( and many others have told us, we are in times when it is valuable, even necessary, to discern and take action to define, find and inhabit our new True Lives and activate our True Places in the World-as-It-is-Becoming, leaving behind the world as we have known it with no looking back, no regrets, and no nostalgia – for the Best is yet to come!

Hope each of you have found your new true place and lives, and are making positive strides to get there and be there and live there, from now forward.

Blessings Be!

Do you ever feel yourself caught between feeling that things aren’t ‘happening’ or pushing through quickly enough, and feeling that everything is happening too fast so you barely can track their passage, much less participate fully?  That’s the energies of the past weeks, at least here at the Ashram.  I know I continue to be a bit impatient for things to resolve into their new state of being, but this depends on the evolution of that new state, and that transformation experiences much resistance, still.

For example: the remarkable seriousness with which the Republican candidates take themselves and their running for their party’s candidacy for President vs. the simple appearance of them wasting a lot of time (and money, and effort) participating in something that isn’t all that important to the rest of the country… because none of their posturing is affecting the slightest improvement in the nation’s financial or social insecurity, making the food supply any more secure, removing threats to our soil fertility and our physical health from corporate operations based in greed rather than caring for others.  It seems at times that they are actors in a drama that we’ve all seen too many times already, and this cast can’t quite seem to carry off effectively.

So, focusing on the personal rather than the national: what have you been involved in recently that IS securing your personal food supply, the fertility of the soil where you garden and raise food, the quality of the water you drink, the reasonable security that your home will continue to be yours to inhabit, the positive interactions between you and your family & neighbors… those things that touch you on a daily basis, and that seem so fragile at times?  For these are the areas where true change is taking place across the entire country, and all the bluster and buffoonery of the larger stage are mere distractions from that vital and irreplacable effort on your part.  On a massive scale, mankind is ‘shifting gears’ and transforming, and yet the immense social structures and outdated systems around us cannot respond as quickly as the individual, so it is not evident in their output – we are not seeing confirmation of our transformation from them, so we must track it personally, for ourselves.

Do you feel in your heart, in your gut, that March will ‘go out like a lamb’?  As Spring emerges in the plants through the soil, in the trees and temperatures around us, do we feel hope, or do we feel perched on a precipice, sensing yet more severe weather and bad news globally and yet taking small daily action that improves our lives?  Part of what is shifting is us, individually, as we attend to those things which we had over decades just handed over blithely to larger and corporate operations… we are taking back our power, one checking account moved, one container garden planted, one reduction in hours worked at a job, one fewer miles driven & gas purchased, at a time.  We are the change.  Know that, act on it, feel it in your body & soul, rejoice in it, share it….

I can’t shake the feeling that everything will be dramatically different before long, and it will be for the good of all, in the long run, no matter how it appears in the short term.  Do you feel it, too?  Don’t hold back, Beloved – its high time to be who and what you want to be, and how you want to be that.  Take action now.  Become your deepest vision of yourself, and improve your neighborhoods, your community, your world.  It lies within our grasp to do so, now.  You are loved & supported as you do so… trust that.  Trust yourself.  Namaste.

A little late again… Time is losing its hold on us here.

I meditated and brought into my heart the spirit voice of my great & wonderful Teacher, Sant Keshavadas-ji, for this posting.  We discussed how the world had been in the hands of great, unbalanced masculine energies for most of the past 2000 years or ‘Piscean Age.’  This brought much construction of fantastic industrial structures and systems, but lacked heart, has lacked a balancing feminine sensibility.  We have been more than once on the edge of vast destruction of many life systems across the planet – and to what purpose?

We are moving now into the Age of Aquarius – a time of balance between the masculine & feminine awareness and energies.  Thus we will see much change, and many people around the world are so ripe for these changes, it seems.  What the masculine provides is a thrust (pardon the pun) for individual excellence – it is the only context in which Type A workaholics and ‘adrenaline junkies’ can be promoted as a worthwhile way of life, for example.  What the feminine provides is an embracing social, familial, and Nature-based sensibility, the probability that all will thrive, and benefit relatively equally.  While the contrast may not seem appealing in these transitional times, it will not become the dominant vibe, but emerges as a balancing, co-existent perspective; in that, it seems to be absolutely necessary.

You will hear it referred to as ‘unity consciousness’ and we are in the midst of waves of it already.  The aspects of our culture, our species, that allowed for the massive benefit to a few at the expense (even to the point of destruction) of the many must pass away… and it is doing so.  If you do not see evidence of it everywhere, you are only limited by what the ‘power elite’ wants to show, but there is so much on the Internet right now that describes how the Federal Reserve and the handful of major banks are failing, that the only things keeping the stories from spilling out are the behind-the-scenes machinations to make a smooth transition into a new, more equitable global economy.  Yes, change of massive proportions is underway!

What is your role, as an individual without much power or influence?  You have a powerful role to play, although the effects may seem subtle, especially to you.  Your challenge is ‘merely,’ simply, to allow the well-trained dominance of your mind, your thoughts, your rationality, your left brain, your Ego, to drift aside… and to allow for an equally compelling activity of your heart, your emotions, your feelings, your right brain, your Spirit, in all things, literally in all moments of each day.  This is a major adjustment for most of us, and will require diligence and practice, attentiveness to our old patterns and habits, and making new choices… changing responses in mid-sentence at times.  But it will thrill you to do so!

Have no doubt that Time as we have known it is shifting into a new construct.  Hesitate not at all to believe that Life as we have known it is already changing utterly; and will continue to do so gradually but consistently, perhaps with a few jolts & wild rides along the way.  Examine anything about your current life you are very attached to, and begin now to imagine it different, or even non-existent!  If you practice this ahead of the time change occurs, then you will not be shocked when it does.

But do not worry – that is just a waste of your profound energies, and benefits you not at all, in fact distracts you from your practice of ‘being in the heart.’  There will be announcements and stories that are designed precisely to distract you, to cause you concern; but you have the choice to just watch, just notice things, but have no need to react to them.  Breathe… contemplate… wonder without alarm… connect to the natural world, directly and consistently.  Grow food this Spring & Summer – keep yourself healthy and well-rested during the weeks and months ahead.  Everything you have known is shifting into a new reality – allow yourself some down time to process it all!  And underlying every moment, along with every startling event, remember you are deeply and dearly loved, even when there is no apparent evidence to that effect – you are just not noticing its demonstrations at that minute.  Namaste, dear one… be happy!