World Peace Ashram [formerly: Desert Monastery & Retreat] –

We are a rustic retreat community on 80 acres in Northeast Arizona. While we are unavoidably advancing into a new age of global Peace and enlightened human Consciousness, the vestiges of the old paradigms abound and still distract us from being present with our deep inner vision of the unfolding realities and their possibilities. Here at the World Peace Ashram, we live in a very simple way, close to the Earth of the high desert plateau of the Little Colorado River Valley, which connects us to the surrounding native tribal lands and the Grand Canyon. We live off-grid with solar and wind power generation, and create shade instead of air-conditioning. Cellphones often don’t work here, and we discourage any guests from bringing technical gadgetry that requires re-charging in light of moderation in the size of our ‘power plant.’ What we do is live with a minimal environmental ‘footprint,’ breathing fresh air and planting in a rather harsh environment, plan hours free each day to contemplate, to be inspired, to hear the sounds of nature and her devas, the animal kingdoms and their guardian totems, and our own heart and inner teachers. What we at times offer is a chance to meet your Self, and to experience your Oneness with All Life… to become a Cosmic Being in a very quiet and unpretentious way, and thereby to change the world.