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April 2011

Ahh… the Vernal Equinox has passed, Easter is still 3 weeks away, and indeed things seem to be moving at an ever-faster rate, do they not?

[We were offline for far too long during the winter as we changed providers, the transition of to this site seems to still be a long way off, until the school year is complete at the end of May (since I work at the local elementary school as their Counselor) so I can turn my increasingly limited attention to the effort.  My apologies to our fans & friends for the inconsistency during this time.]

Things are busy here at the Ashram!  Construction work on the Abode of the Divine Feminine continues, and I should be moving in during June – Yay!!  Kevin has indications that he will be moving into the ‘bread-winner’ role by late summer, as a speech pathology assistant in a Navajo reservation school most likely.  In that transition – from my long-time off-site employment to at last becoming a retreatant here where my heart’s work has focused for so long – I am so grateful, but feel so tired, used up.  Being on sabbatical from the world seems to be a long-ignored yearning at last coming into being… it feels like I have waited too long for this way of life.

When I remember that this is the 1st night & 2nd day of this 9th wave, however, my perspective shifts; when seeds are planted, they rest in the darkness until they ‘die’ as kernels and are born as ‘plants’ – root & stem emerge.  This is the period we have been in during March – new seeds of change have been planted, seeming hidden until the breaking forth begins, and the surface (public awareness) is breached.  Now there will come reactions, and adjustments, and more growth & development.  It would not be reasonable to get depressed at this point – but rather jubilant that what has long been desired and anticipated has begun, has been quickened and is emerging!

I encourage you to watch for a long series of things of the ‘old paradigm’ to which you are attached, and to consciously – intentionally – release them, cast them off to be transformed, as a snake sheds its skin.  For wisdom tells us that if everything is shifting, we can either ‘do this the easy way or the hard way,’ but change into the new, higher-order paradigm, we will.   And to be ‘at Cause’ rather than Effect – passively and impotently being buffeted by the winds of change, instead of feeling our spiritual power & expressing creative mastery – will only make this time of transformation more difficult.  Watch the public media, and how events are ‘spun’ and reported as these next months unfold.  You’ll see much evidence of hidden things coming to light, old ways and means being routed to clear the way for new agendas and more positive human society.

Be at peace… within, and in your small spheres of influence.  We are the ones we have waited for, and we can “change the world, re-arrange the world.”  And we ARE doing so….