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Editor's musings

April 2012

Checking in: Sorry for there having been no entry until now for this month.  Here’s what’s happening…

We continue to be busy here at the Ashram/community – attending gardening classes and community meetings, planting seeds, raising starts for the garden, digging new garden beds, having visiting WWOOFers, upgrading the ‘old’ greenhouse, building the new greenhouse for the houseplants & starting the new “Happy Hermit Houseplants” micro-nursery business… (Whew!)… also: putting the finishing touches on the Abode of the Divine Feminine (Yay!!), planting roses & vining plants at the Arbor, planting more trees, insulating all the guest cabins (3.5 down, 4.5 to go) and converting four of them into office and other use spaces.

This will open up the Main House for a near-future of being entirely guest-ready, rather than housing Kevin & I for any personal activities – we will leave our home of the past 10 years, but all our guests will have far more accessibility to cooking and dining facilities, and not have to be shooed out of the Library at bedtime – all good changes, but change, nonetheless.

As Solara ( and many others have told us, we are in times when it is valuable, even necessary, to discern and take action to define, find and inhabit our new True Lives and activate our True Places in the World-as-It-is-Becoming, leaving behind the world as we have known it with no looking back, no regrets, and no nostalgia – for the Best is yet to come!

Hope each of you have found your new true place and lives, and are making positive strides to get there and be there and live there, from now forward.

Blessings Be!