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August 2011

Well, here we are… its August 2011. The 5th Day of this Ninth and final Wave or Heaven in the Mayan calendar according to Calleman, and mid-month we enter the 5th Night.

We all wait on the threshold of… what? Some of ‘it’ we can sense, and much of it manifests in outer events and ‘news.’ Some aspects cause headaches and a vague impatience with how things have always been & continue to be – in jobs, systems, government, financial market news, etc. Some brings a hint of excitement, anticipation, readiness for the soon-to-be. I feel like a 9-month fetus ready and anxious to exit through the birth canal – yes, it will squeeze me; yes, I will gasp for breath and there is risk of annihilation, but by now – I don’t care, just get me outta here!! I want to enter the next phase of human existence – unity consciousness, oneness, the next Golden Age, true Love & Peace globally and individually.

My advice? Take the time daily to stop, get silent, be alone & peaceful, take several slow, deep, cleansing & centering breaths, and sit… quietly… allowing What Is to present itself to you & your awareness. Be with Your Self, and with All That Is. That’s really all there is to it, but it is immense in this age of distractions and things that vie for your attention and emotions. When you do this, you’ll find that the inner reality is not always what is evident in the outer world.

Be at peace. Be still, and Know… I love you!

Check out July’s link/video – its an amazing weaving of current awarenesses… open your mind & heart, and see what you can Know.