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December 2011

Wow!  The year is nearly over- can you believe it?  And what a ride its been…

I recall hearing and feeling/knowing that we shouldn’t overlook 2011 as a pivotal year of this transformational period, and that has been well borne out during the Universal / 9th & final Wave of the Mayan Calendar.  That ‘ended’ (according to Carl Calleman) on October 28th, then we experienced the 11:11:11 portal and its influx of powerful energies, then last week’s partial lunar eclipse and next week’s total lunar eclipse – if you think we’re done for a while, you might want to re-imagine that.  I do believe the progressive shifts have changed, however, to a different, higher and less physically-troublesome frequency.  As I understand it, Mother Earth has moved into the forefront of processing the incoming energies now; our ‘job’ will be to remain very grounded and connected to the Earth in the months ahead.

Remember that the whole point or truth of this ascension process is the remarkable, never-before-throughout-the-galaxy transformation of our 3-D bodies and our 4-D density or consciousness are moving whole and intact into the 5th dimension.

I believe its time for all of us to engage in a sincere game of “What If?”

What if… by the end of next year, a mere 12 months or less, we have indeed ascended?

What if… everything that we have worked so hard to accumulate and create, everything that has defined us as a culture, or a corporation, or a nation, dissolves… transmutes into a higher vibration that is no longer 3-D?

What if… the prophesied 3 days of darkness – which Mayan Wisdom Elder don Alejandro and Drunvalo Melchezidek now state will be 36 hours instead – happens one day, in the middle of whatever you are busying yourself with?  Drunvalo has begun to teach, in his Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops, that the magnetic field will collapse this year, resulting indeed in a total blindness (disconnection of mankind’s 3-D visual processing capacity) and absolute darkness.

What would you do if/when that occurs?  How will you react?

It will be, at that moment, more important than ever before that you have a facility with ‘going within’ as in meditation.  Within our Sacred Space of the Heart, our ‘cave of the heart,’ there is access to light, and warmth, and succorance of all spiritual guides, teachers, comforters, and souls we might draw on in times of crisis or fear, worry & doubt. If you don’t yet meditate, don’t yet have any feel for your inner heart space, I highly suggest you spend time daily going and being ‘there’ within.  This is your access to your Higher Self, and to a feeling-state of being connected to God/Creator, or Christ, or Divine Mother or whatever connects you to your Divine Self.  It’s time to establish, strengthen, and have facility with this connection, this perfect ‘fallout shelter’ we all carry with us all the time.

What if… it is time to withdraw – as you will, in ways that work for you personally – from most of our attachments to the ‘outer world’ in order to be in contemplation, to be with family and friends, to be of service to strangers and to our communities?  Do you still care what the Stock Market is doing, in its wild fluctuations, arguably the death throes of a dying egregore and paradigm?  Are you keenly interested to hear about the latest Republican debate, or the gaffes and bright moments of the candidates?  Are you pinning all of your hopes and dreams on an event that isn’t expected to occur for 2 years, or 5, or 15 (like the dates attached to so many national legislative acts)?  Stop for a moment, and feel, deeply, whether and how you really feel your future-focus will evolve… is it bringing you any fulfillment in the present moment?  If not, perhaps you might want to re-think any choice to invest heavily in it, and bring your attention to a more present-time focus.  Like planting seeds in February for a summer harvest of fresh vegetables.

Have I startled you? Have you ‘tuned out and turned off’ mentally because this is too much to take seriously?  I hope not… I hope you are strong enough to spend a few moments imagining that what I am proposing might indeed be true, in some fashion.  After all, what DID you think was coming in 2012?

Here is what I have learned, and thus Know: that everything will be all right if we just slip out of the stiff jacket of our rational, thought-producing Mind, and ease into the clear lake of our aware, sensitive-thus-knowing Heart.

Develop that quick-change faculty starting today, if you don’t already have it – it’s a skill that will serve you far better than any college degree or employment title, all things considered.  For in a real crisis, housing is available to be found, food is not as necessary as we’ve believed but is available, too… but your connection to your heart, your soul – you don’t want to be without that!

I tell you these things because I feel the time for acting like nothing is really changing is long past… because the linear, plodding, future-focus is a tool of the dualistic old paradigm that will lead us all off the cliff like the lemmings we often act like… because I love you as aspects of the One Being, therefore as my real & true brothers and sisters in a cosmic family of All Life.  And if I’m mistaken – if all this sensing that we have been & are about to go through a remarkable and life-altering transformation turns out to be misunderstood or misguided – then I accept that, and what harm has come from meditating more, from not putting more resources into more projects for a while, from ‘lying fallow’ for a while as we recalibrate as humans?  None, I’ll wager, no harm would come at all.  And the value of being prepared for a huge transformation, the likes of which is heretofore unknown throughout the galaxy – that seems worth a few months of our life, doesn’t it, if we enabled ourselves to do it smoothly and gracefully?  I think its worthwhile, in any case.  And my money’s on Ascension happening, sooner than later….

Be at peace, Friend.  Namaste…