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February 2011

Rarely does a confluence of factors come together at one time as it does today – this is the first day of the Lunar New Year, celebrated as the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. One aspect of Rabbit is the hopping from thing to thing, and the speedy shifting of directions and seeming indecisiveness.
Add to this that today is a New Moon in Aquarius in the middle of Mars, which means that we have the strength to make the changes we want now, as he is swift like unexpected lightning. It also cautions us to be mindful of what things we participate in, and whether mentally, emotionally, or ‘actually’ as in physically, and whether we want to lend our energy to those things; remember we have a choice where our attention goes.
And, because I am a student of the Mayan Calendar, we are also in the final weeks leading up to the Ninth Wave of Consciousness that hits 3/9/11, this last one which will be of Universal awareness. We’ve evolved through human consciousness at the Cellular, the Mammalian, the Familial, the Tribal, the Cultural, the National, the Planetary, and are in the last year of the current Galactic levels. Next month we enter the final Wave, and it speeds things up 20 times faster than the previous/Galactic level, which began 1999. Just so you are prepared a bit, they say that the amount of information we dealt with each of the past 12 years (360 days), we will now be facing in 2½ week cycles! So expect a feeling of riding a roller coaster, or sitting in one of those spinning cups rides at the Fair. I mention this so you won’t feel out of control, even when it most seems that you are far from being in control!
In fact, I will share one of the most valuable – but most, er, unimaginable – notions that I have run across in all my research into indigenous traditions about this period in Man’s development, about what the shift to a Universal Consciousness will mean for mankind: that as we move ‘out of our minds’ and ‘into our hearts,’ we will “have fewer thoughts.” All of mankind will be progressively living more from our heart, unavoidably being more ‘in the moment’ [maybe hanging on by the skin of our teeth] and less administratively functional. Just so Life doesn’t take you by surprise when ‘it’ [the relative mental dysfunction] happens to you, or you observe it happening to family members, community members, people across the country, and across the planet….
So, whether you attribute the latest shift or acceleration to the Year of the Rabbit, or the Universal Wave of Consciousness, or just a random bleep in the linear flow of Life ~ keep a sense of humor about it all, to keep you sane!