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February 2012

A little late again… Time is losing its hold on us here.

I meditated and brought into my heart the spirit voice of my great & wonderful Teacher, Sant Keshavadas-ji, for this posting.  We discussed how the world had been in the hands of great, unbalanced masculine energies for most of the past 2000 years or ‘Piscean Age.’  This brought much construction of fantastic industrial structures and systems, but lacked heart, has lacked a balancing feminine sensibility.  We have been more than once on the edge of vast destruction of many life systems across the planet – and to what purpose?

We are moving now into the Age of Aquarius – a time of balance between the masculine & feminine awareness and energies.  Thus we will see much change, and many people around the world are so ripe for these changes, it seems.  What the masculine provides is a thrust (pardon the pun) for individual excellence – it is the only context in which Type A workaholics and ‘adrenaline junkies’ can be promoted as a worthwhile way of life, for example.  What the feminine provides is an embracing social, familial, and Nature-based sensibility, the probability that all will thrive, and benefit relatively equally.  While the contrast may not seem appealing in these transitional times, it will not become the dominant vibe, but emerges as a balancing, co-existent perspective; in that, it seems to be absolutely necessary.

You will hear it referred to as ‘unity consciousness’ and we are in the midst of waves of it already.  The aspects of our culture, our species, that allowed for the massive benefit to a few at the expense (even to the point of destruction) of the many must pass away… and it is doing so.  If you do not see evidence of it everywhere, you are only limited by what the ‘power elite’ wants to show, but there is so much on the Internet right now that describes how the Federal Reserve and the handful of major banks are failing, that the only things keeping the stories from spilling out are the behind-the-scenes machinations to make a smooth transition into a new, more equitable global economy.  Yes, change of massive proportions is underway!

What is your role, as an individual without much power or influence?  You have a powerful role to play, although the effects may seem subtle, especially to you.  Your challenge is ‘merely,’ simply, to allow the well-trained dominance of your mind, your thoughts, your rationality, your left brain, your Ego, to drift aside… and to allow for an equally compelling activity of your heart, your emotions, your feelings, your right brain, your Spirit, in all things, literally in all moments of each day.  This is a major adjustment for most of us, and will require diligence and practice, attentiveness to our old patterns and habits, and making new choices… changing responses in mid-sentence at times.  But it will thrill you to do so!

Have no doubt that Time as we have known it is shifting into a new construct.  Hesitate not at all to believe that Life as we have known it is already changing utterly; and will continue to do so gradually but consistently, perhaps with a few jolts & wild rides along the way.  Examine anything about your current life you are very attached to, and begin now to imagine it different, or even non-existent!  If you practice this ahead of the time change occurs, then you will not be shocked when it does.

But do not worry – that is just a waste of your profound energies, and benefits you not at all, in fact distracts you from your practice of ‘being in the heart.’  There will be announcements and stories that are designed precisely to distract you, to cause you concern; but you have the choice to just watch, just notice things, but have no need to react to them.  Breathe… contemplate… wonder without alarm… connect to the natural world, directly and consistently.  Grow food this Spring & Summer – keep yourself healthy and well-rested during the weeks and months ahead.  Everything you have known is shifting into a new reality – allow yourself some down time to process it all!  And underlying every moment, along with every startling event, remember you are deeply and dearly loved, even when there is no apparent evidence to that effect – you are just not noticing its demonstrations at that minute.  Namaste, dear one… be happy!