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July 2011

There was a lull of sorts here – can you believe that? – during which we focused intently on construction projects and the upcoming shifts and adjustments that felt so present yet were not yet ‘real.’  Our monsoon season began, and has continued in ways not experienced for several years – welcome rain, thunderstorms, and an amazing sky full of huge white clouds, teasing us with weather than passed us by on any given afternoon….

Times are a’changing, are they not?  And yet when one is focused on the weather, on Nature, on the seasonal progression, Life seems more sane and manageable.

I encourage you to ‘get ready for’ August… so many sources are calling for great shifts and energetic adjustments, both in humankind and planetwide.  Perhaps this video will serve your awareness – I enjoyed it.


The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo.