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Editor's musings

June/July 2012

Wow! This is a very powerful summer, yet the shift remains to many so extremely subtle that they can still report in public that nothing seems different… really?!  This is the nature of the disconnect between the 3rd dimension – of not only form but experiences of limitations, time buffers between thought & manifestation, and the unproductive aspects of duality – and the 4th, in which Time is far more Present Moment/Now, ego takes a back seat to the Heart, and we cease to imagine things we don’t want!  The 5th dimension of Balance and Joy seems more possible, even at times accessible… and isn’t that a great way to live!

The Eden events of the past 10 years gave way this year to the first Children of Light conference, held in June in Aurora, CO (yes, we drove away just as the huge fires began in Colorado Springs).  During that marvelous gathering, we were treated to the Divine Presence shining out through the eyes and smiling face of Dougji, Oneness giver trained at the Oneness University in India, to diksha (deeksha) from several persons associated with the Oneness University, and to a new Wholeness Blessing, brought & shared by Joe Crane, who created the Eden events through contact with Archangel Michael.  I had already been given transmission capacity for diksha through Sai Maa years ago, so now I am blessed to have even more ways to share healing energies with any who request or allow it!

And I am pleased with our measurable progress in continuing to build & upgrade our infrastructure here at the Ashram/Retreat Center, so that we will indeed be ready to be open for business in 2013!  The Abode of the Divine Feminine – my personal sanctuary and a round, kiva-like structure – is now my part-time habitation and full-time creative space, and I am so grateful for it!  Thanks to Kevin for so much time spent in construction over the past 2+ years!

Of course, there is more… there will be a 2nd greenhouse soon, and a small micro-nursery business propagating houseplants for gifts and decor, to be shared at the local Farmers Market in 2013 and beyond.  All of the cabins are being insulated for longer-season use, and they are also getting a facelift, as well shift from a site-wide tan & green color scheme to a festive range of bright colors, beginning with the new Retreat Office, in plum & thistle.  This is what comes of letting the inner child out and giving her free rein around here…  🙂

I refer you to the writings of Jim Self as he articulates his understanding of the shift that we have been going through the past months & years – I find his descriptions [on Mastering] to be clear and readable, and encourage you to check them out.

We’re starting to plan a celebration here, for September – our 10th anniversary, the 7th year of operation as a retreat center, the equinox, and the run-up to / the final quarter before December 2012 [and whatever happens between now & then, around then, and afterwards].  If you are in the area, you are invited (please RSVP first, though!) For all of us, it is good to be gentle with ourselves, particularly during this Mercury retrograde (until August 7).  Be open, and calmly alert, and take some time to consider how much your own personal world has changed the past year, my Friends.

Blessiing you to feel Peace in your mind and Joy in your hearts… Namaste!