Links We Love!


Wayseersa ‘hip’ call to the inner Self that moves me deeply

The Call – a ‘rap’ call from Kirk Nugent

Signs of the Times – the follow-up from Kirk

The Final Call – his most aware Call

Galactic Federation – trippy graphics with a mechanical-sounding voicetrack

The Zetas/Nancy Weider an extensive site for earth changes/disclosure

2012 Enigma – David Wilcock at his best

David Wilcock – stimulating perspective on our human process

Angel Gate site – If you didn’t attend the ‘final Eden Event’ in Eureka Springs, AR, in June, you’ll have more opportunities as the Children of Light gatherings begin in 2012!

Solara’s 11:11 Doorway ( – she was a pioneer observer-writer in the shift we are living through, and still very insightful – George is a remarkable person, with a remarkable story to share!