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March 2011

The earliest indications of Spring are coming into view… tiny green leaves emerging above the surface of the soil, the warming days, the winds.  What fills my awareness, however, is the start early this month of the final, Universal or 9th wave of the Maya’s and many other indigenous peoples’ description of the evolution of human consciousness.  I read that we can expect another exponential leap in mental and social activity levels, by a factor of 20, like what happened back in January 1999.  If you’ll recall, folks became increasingly aware that life was moving faster, that there were too many things happening to pay attention to them all?  Well, its happening again… imagine a year’s worth of change & activity as we’ve become (mostly) accustomed to it, happening now and over the next 6 months, in less than 3 weeks!

We will be moving through so much change, so much activity in the public and private arenas of experience, that we are likely to feel we must release our sense of need to manage everything – it just won’t be possible!  For most of you, this may seem an unwelcome transformation, but imagine the result – so little to organize, so much less to keep track of, such freedom and peace, more  tranquility and serenity…  Bring it on, I say!  However, the emergence/birth of any new Child is always fraught with compression,  and a wrenching away from what is familiar before the emergence into the new reality – so expect there to be much about our familiar social and national experiences that will be in transition, deconstruction, and re-organization.  If all goes well, we will hardly recognize our present reality in the new & improved reality that comes into being during the course of this year and solidifies during 2012.  I bet you haven’t imagined that 2012 is a year of ‘coming to wholeness and stability’!  Sit with that notion for a while, in your meditations in the weeks to come…  Namaste