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March 2012

Do you ever feel yourself caught between feeling that things aren’t ‘happening’ or pushing through quickly enough, and feeling that everything is happening too fast so you barely can track their passage, much less participate fully?  That’s the energies of the past weeks, at least here at the Ashram.  I know I continue to be a bit impatient for things to resolve into their new state of being, but this depends on the evolution of that new state, and that transformation experiences much resistance, still.

For example: the remarkable seriousness with which the Republican candidates take themselves and their running for their party’s candidacy for President vs. the simple appearance of them wasting a lot of time (and money, and effort) participating in something that isn’t all that important to the rest of the country… because none of their posturing is affecting the slightest improvement in the nation’s financial or social insecurity, making the food supply any more secure, removing threats to our soil fertility and our physical health from corporate operations based in greed rather than caring for others.  It seems at times that they are actors in a drama that we’ve all seen too many times already, and this cast can’t quite seem to carry off effectively.

So, focusing on the personal rather than the national: what have you been involved in recently that IS securing your personal food supply, the fertility of the soil where you garden and raise food, the quality of the water you drink, the reasonable security that your home will continue to be yours to inhabit, the positive interactions between you and your family & neighbors… those things that touch you on a daily basis, and that seem so fragile at times?  For these are the areas where true change is taking place across the entire country, and all the bluster and buffoonery of the larger stage are mere distractions from that vital and irreplacable effort on your part.  On a massive scale, mankind is ‘shifting gears’ and transforming, and yet the immense social structures and outdated systems around us cannot respond as quickly as the individual, so it is not evident in their output – we are not seeing confirmation of our transformation from them, so we must track it personally, for ourselves.

Do you feel in your heart, in your gut, that March will ‘go out like a lamb’?  As Spring emerges in the plants through the soil, in the trees and temperatures around us, do we feel hope, or do we feel perched on a precipice, sensing yet more severe weather and bad news globally and yet taking small daily action that improves our lives?  Part of what is shifting is us, individually, as we attend to those things which we had over decades just handed over blithely to larger and corporate operations… we are taking back our power, one checking account moved, one container garden planted, one reduction in hours worked at a job, one fewer miles driven & gas purchased, at a time.  We are the change.  Know that, act on it, feel it in your body & soul, rejoice in it, share it….

I can’t shake the feeling that everything will be dramatically different before long, and it will be for the good of all, in the long run, no matter how it appears in the short term.  Do you feel it, too?  Don’t hold back, Beloved – its high time to be who and what you want to be, and how you want to be that.  Take action now.  Become your deepest vision of yourself, and improve your neighborhoods, your community, your world.  It lies within our grasp to do so, now.  You are loved & supported as you do so… trust that.  Trust yourself.  Namaste.