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Editor's musings

May 2011

Spring has come forth, in the early stages of her eventual glory, here at the Ashram, and we welcome her with open arms & hearts!

I observe the anniversary of my birth once again, noting changes in the physical body, the mental dialogs, the emotional landscapes, and the spiritual bliss-moments.  The sense of being too busy, too full, too active, is nearly constantly with me, yet I cannot say that much of long-term value is being accomplished or even attempted.  I feel obligations, but they are of old-paradigm systems and patterns (ruts), and having a 5th-dimensional consciousness while functioning in a 4th-dimension overlay on 3rd-dimensional activity is disconcerting at times, lethargic often, and tiring in waves.  I sincerely hope that you are finding yourselves far more energetic for things that inspire you, active in spheres that excite and nourish you.  I feel like I’m energetically slogging through ankle-deep mud here, some days!

Nevertheless, the outer world gives much evidence of a shifting consciousness among all of mankind, does it not? Countries long led by autocratic rulers are experiencing uprisings by huge swaths of their populations, and many of these old-paradigm leaders have been forced from their positions of power.  If you imagine these as up-risings of strong seeds of democracy, social egalitarian strivings, or other new-paradigm energies planted over time, we can see a trend that is not at all about the control of foreign oil reserves (as the media too often states), but rather about human consciousness no longer accepting overlords, seeking freedom and self-regulation.  Of course, we offspring of the evolution must mature, and adolescence is never without turmoil, is it?

Have you found your serene, ‘happy place’ within, that mindset to which you can retreat when too-stimulated by the appearances of chaos in social-physical events?  Please do so, and visit there often in the days ahead.  The human race needs more & more of its members to ‘hold space’ for the calm, effective and incredible transition from our old ways of being to our bright and beautiful new reality that is emerging.  And it just feels so much better than the fear & gloom messages that continue but are fading, hoping (expecting) to drag us down, dimming vestiges of 4th-dimensional creations which do not serve the whole, but only served the minority.  Clear out all the negative, hurtful and fearful in your own mental closets – Spring Cleaning is more important this year than ever before!