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May 2012

I LOVE May!  It brings my natal anniversary (on the 4th) and Spring is evident in all the plants, trees, gardens & throughout Nature – so much abundance!!

This week’s Full Moon, and the New Moon that brings a total Solar Eclipse, are just two of the outward events in the skies above us that are continuing to bring in a great deal of new, higher-vibrational energy as the transformations of this time continue.

Next month Venus will transit the Sun, on her ‘return’ in the cycles that have been an aspect of the Mayan and other indigenous wisdom traditions & knowledge for millenia.  This event puts the full force of our Sun behind the vibrational entity we call Venus – the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Grace and Feminine Influence – transmitting to the Earth and all Her inhabitants – that’s us!  This means that the process of this age that brings the Divine Feminine into balance with the long-dominant Divine Masculine (with all its permutations – positive & negative in their effects) will get a powerful boost, and it may be felt viscerally as well as mentally and energetically.  But that’s still a month away – for now, we are hearing of tremendous shifts in economic stability and that the top of the hierarchical pyramids of business and finance may be toppling… its all still hush-hush, secretive and not mainstream ‘news’ but expect that this quarter will bring many provocative changes to the public arena, the marketplace, etc.

Be well… check out things that touch your consciousness, even very lightly – do not dismiss your intuitive sparks and fall in Love with Life this month!

I wish you great joy, beauty and peace of mind… Be Happy!  You are deeply loved!