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October 2011

We’ve passed through 6 of the 7 Days of this final, 9th or Universal Wave in the T’zolkin (Mayan calendar) and are in the last Night. We’ve had the Autumnal Equinox and the New Moon, and the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement has spread to untold numbers of major cities and towns across the nation, joining with other activities across the planet – the People are on the move, and some are just beginning to realize that this transformation will not be one of physical violence, no third world war, no cataclysms or end of time. Instead, this is a transformation of our human consciousness, our awareness, our thoughts and beliefs and feelings.  The 7th and final Day approaches, and will be complete by October 28th!  After litrally billions of years of evolution, we are ‘passing over’ into the New Consciousness of Higher Dimensional reality – get ready!

On the heels of my experience written up in the September page, I want to bring to your attention (if its not already there, of course) the fact that we are quickly arriving at a pivotal point in our own Western calendar, one that’s been anticipated for nearly 20 years (which just happens to be when the previous 8th or Galactic wave began) – 11:11:11. Yes, I realize that numerology points out that 2011 is a 4 year, not an 11, but that is not what’s in play here, its all the 1s, and the triple 11s, in this millenium. Yes, this date is an artifact of our Gregorian calendar – the one we’ve lived with and been controlled by since the Roman Empire, arguably. Get this, my friend – this date is when we pass through a portal which indicates the END of that Empire, and all that has fueled it, has been supporting it for most of our ‘civilized’ history. Yes, its a subtle thing, but it is also the warp & weave of our daily lives, every day of them, and those of our parents, and many generations back through Time. It matters.

Here is what Solara writes on her website
“We are drawing close to the momentous date of November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. This was the date when we assumed that the 11:11 Doorway would close. However, it has become increasingly clear that the 11:11 Doorway will not close on that date, nor will it close in the near future. This… means that we are given more time to make the complete shift from the old Template of Duality into the Template of Oneness.
There will be no 11:11 Gate Activation on 11/11/11 since so many different “11:11” events are scheduled for that day. This would make the energies scattered, rather than focused. Instead, we have received a very strong vision of what we are meant to do on that day.
“We are to sit as Silent Watchers all over the world on 11/11/11, in groups large and small. The Silent Watchers are vast beings who hold the Worlds within Worlds into balance and maintain the interweaving of the grids in multiverses. They moved into position right before the creation of Time to serve as stabilization pinions for this dimensional universe. The Silent Watchers are not separate from us. We are both physical beings and Silent Watchers. They are simply a part of the vastness of our infinite beings. Silent Watchers see and feel everything. When disturbances occur in the Worlds within Worlds, they expand the grids so that everything can move freely into their new positions within a totally New Paradigm. They observe everything with neutrality and immense love and don’t try to change anything, yet by embodying PURE HEART TRUE LOVE and strengthening the resonance of Trueness, they emanate a powerful stabilizing influence.
“We sit as Silent Watchers in a huge circle all over the planet. Then we will expand outwards and create two circles, leaving an open space in the center. Each circle dances in the opposite direction. At 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time, a massive cylinder will enter the planet into the center of our circle. This cylinder will go deep into the Earth until it is half into the ground and half above the ground…. This will completely RESET ALL THAT WE KNOW into the resonance of Trueness. It will also keep the 11:11 Doorway open for more people to pass through it into the Ultra Greater Reality. Never before has such an unified action on this scale been performed. It will have a profound effect on this planet and far beyond.”

Here at the World Peace Ashram, we are a designated host site for the Silent Watcher activity. We will gather at 3:30 am on Friday, November 11th (Veteran’s Day in the US), for coffee & tea, fruit & pastries. Then by 4 AM we will be seated in a circle, and begin the process Solara describes. The group will be Watchers for approximately 30 minutes, after which we will become the Celebrants, for a remarkable thing will have been done with our human selves as witnesses, our Great Being as facilitators. If you want to come, you are welcome, and you are invited to come Thursday afternoon or evening and spend the night. Please RSVP at least 3 days prior to reserve a place to sleep, otherwise you can park your car and sleep in it, we will be waking everyone at 3:25 or so. Yes, it will be inconvenient, but that will be what makes it seem important to our rational mind. If you are called to come, don’t hesitate. In any case, I encourage you to be awake and participate in your own home, wherever you are, in the minutes before, during & after 11:11 am GMT for your area. This moment happens (like many things) only once in your lifetime. If the appearance of ’11:11′ in your awareness has intrigued you, do this – for yourself, for the whole of mankind! Namaste…