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October/November, 2012

Time certainly slips away, doesn’t it?

I was working out of state for most of October, an opportunity which came up quickly & unexpectedly, so I’m sorry about there being no post for last month, but here it is already nearly Thanksgiving!  I want to say this is evidence of the shift in time awareness and consciousness, but it might just be feeling too distracted to be attentive to previously-strong patterns… and might these be the same thing??

Not many changes the past two months except that its gotten colder, and I have once again become the non-profit’s President by Board vote at our annual meeting.  We are in such a null-state here in the Autumn and Winter that it seems we have hibernated once again, and it will likely be March before the energy surges again to make plans and announce events to be held here.  We might have a long-term WWOOFer coming the end of the week, and I might travel out of country with my contracting work, but otherwise we have several gatherings going on to celebrate harvest time, also the 11th Gate Activation happening in Peru (we’ll have a tiny Anchor Group in the labyrinth Thursday), and then we do the slow slide into Winter.

What I’m gently excited about is the coming winter solstice and the culmination of many shifts, transitions and transformations happening the past couple of years in the galaxy, in our solar system, on our planet, and in our individual and collective bodies and consciousnesses.  What a ride it has been!  I am so content to be still and quiet for now, to feel it all, to ponder it all, and to be present for it all.

And while I had imagined there would be great, heaving events, they have been modulated to seem not so heaving, and more undulating… so the notion that there would be a point in time when things would Stop. and Start again. now seems unlikely, and that’s probably a very good thing – certainly there are disruptions in the lives of those in the NE of the country affected by ‘Superstorm Sandy’ and its sequels, and as I write this Israel & Pakistan are lobbing missiles at each other.  But there seems to be a blanket of calm or normalcy over everything, as if nothing is going to blast out too crazily for all of us as a whole, and continue to be affecting us on a regional, local, and individual level.  That will facilitate our development of communities, which is as it needs to be.  Blessings to each of you, and to your endeavors for the coming months.  May peace settle over all the Earth, and may we become enlightened to the spiritual-divine that underlies all things.  Namaste…