Delight in the Journey, Peace in the Heart

Finding a true path to Joy...

October/November, 2012

Time certainly slips away, doesn’t it? I was working out of state for most of October, an opportunity which came up quickly & unexpectedly, so I’m sorry about there being no post for last month, but here it is already nearly Thanksgiving!  I want to say this is evidence of the shift in time awareness […]

August, 2012

It seems as though we are hanging in the balance (if we are lucky in the moment!), or being tossed between the rails of duality (if we are not yet good at detachment from external events and ‘noise’), and yet perhaps not actually ‘getting anywhere.’  This is true… we are still practicing being really IN […]

September 2012

Remarkable!  The third quarter of this year has arrived – who knew what this would look like or feel like, eh? For myself, it is a lot more, and also a lot less ‘fulfilled’ than what I had imagined – I’ll just admit that openly. The ‘lot more’ has to do with what we’ve accomplished on the premises […]

June/July 2012

Wow! This is a very powerful summer, yet the shift remains to many so extremely subtle that they can still report in public that nothing seems different… really?!  This is the nature of the disconnect between the 3rd dimension – of not only form but experiences of limitations, time buffers between thought & manifestation, and […]

May 2012

I LOVE May!  It brings my natal anniversary (on the 4th) and Spring is evident in all the plants, trees, gardens & throughout Nature – so much abundance!! This week’s Full Moon, and the New Moon that brings a total Solar Eclipse, are just two of the outward events in the skies above us that are continuing […]