Delight in the Journey, Peace in the Heart

Finding a true path to Joy...

April 2012

Checking in: Sorry for there having been no entry until now for this month.  Here’s what’s happening… We continue to be busy here at the Ashram/community – attending gardening classes and community meetings, planting seeds, raising starts for the garden, digging new garden beds, having visiting WWOOFers, upgrading the ‘old’ greenhouse, building the new greenhouse for the […]

March 2012

Do you ever feel yourself caught between feeling that things aren’t ‘happening’ or pushing through quickly enough, and feeling that everything is happening too fast so you barely can track their passage, much less participate fully?  That’s the energies of the past weeks, at least here at the Ashram.  I know I continue to be […]

February 2012

A little late again… Time is losing its hold on us here. I meditated and brought into my heart the spirit voice of my great & wonderful Teacher, Sant Keshavadas-ji, for this posting.  We discussed how the world had been in the hands of great, unbalanced masculine energies for most of the past 2000 years […]

2012 Has Arrived! Are you psyched?

We ‘went dark’ at the Ashram early in January due to some hardware problem and it took our Internet service provider 2 weeks to repair it! so we are posting late this month… thus, we’re already more than 3 weeks into the year, and so far, everything is still intact and seemingly the ‘same.’  However, […]

December 2011

Wow!  The year is nearly over- can you believe it?  And what a ride its been… I recall hearing and feeling/knowing that we shouldn’t overlook 2011 as a pivotal year of this transformational period, and that has been well borne out during the Universal / 9th & final Wave of the Mayan Calendar.  That ‘ended’ (according […]