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Finding a true path to Joy...

Greetings in this ‘New Year’

Barbara Hand-Clow, noted astrologer and author of one of the most interesting 2012-related books, speaks of how the ‘true’ calendar does not end and re-start in the dead of winter, but rather as the Spring is born, at the Vernal Equinox. [see:]  This perspective feels deeply accurate for me this year, as the cold […]

Winter Solstice, the year draws to a close…

Greetings to you – I hope you had a great holiday season in whatever way you honor and celebrate it.  We were home and being rather quiet here at the Ashram, by design, and I am pleasantly in a pensive and contemplative space this year, unlike so many before this one! 2010 has been a […]

World Peace Ashram

World Peace Ashram We are the visible branch of the 501(c)(3) educational & charitable non-profit corporation: Divine Tools, Unlimited.  Since 2004 we have offered a rustic retreat & community for self-renewal on 80 acres in Northeast Arizona, with various programs, guest presenters and festivals/celebrations. For the past seven years, we opened to the public each […]