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September 2011

I was remiss this month… I have let the entire month slide by while I was captivated by my travels to San Cristobal in southern Mexico (near Guatamala) to participate in Solara’s 10th Gate Activation. An incredible group of 105 folks gathered, plus some local Maya tribal guests. It was a week of getting to know fellow travelers from 30+ countries, navigate translations into Spanish & Russian & English, open our hearts and comfort zones to let others in, and practice being True Ones, together. There were dances, and ceremonies, shopping for textiles and buffet meals to share with each other. I had a great time!!

What is important, of course, is not so much how much fun I had, but what was accomplished or what unfolded during the gathering. Solara initiated the 11:11 Doorway and number-awareness nearly 20 years ago, and the incidence of people feeling time stop for an instant when they notice an 11:11 has skyrocketed in recent months. The dovetail with the final days of the T’zolkin calendar of the Maya, the prophecies of many indigenous, and the amping up of ‘disaster’ films & TV shows, can’t be missed, only ignored if that is your choice. I choose to face all of it boldly and gratefully – we were born to be here now and to facilitate the whole of humanity to pass through these days, then to create the next Age – the Golden Age that so many have foreseen and hoped for, yearned for. I believe those times are Now, that these events are our legacy to generations to follow.

What I got out of the 10th Gate Activation is personal, but I will share these items: the comraderie was remarkable, especially considering the language barriers between us; the sense of pure joy as we opened more and more to each other and to the tasks we were there to participate in was palpable; the emotional and spiritual bonding that happened among many was stunning, even life-altering an several cases. I had and experience with my “Aslan partner” (see and read about the dance to get the feel for it!) that will transcend Time & Space, as it was intended to do. It went further – the participants paired up into Lovers Across the Worlds that cemented hearts & souls together for all of Time & Eternity. And then we were ready for the day of the Activation: Sept. 11th.  It was intentional that we do this Unity activity, while many were unfortunately looking back, over 10 years of misery and loss since the WTC explosions in NYC.

I had an experience during the Lotus Dance of reaching towards Father Sun and being embraced by Him, as I gazed directly into His brightness, and received a kiss of solar radiation that knocked me back, twice. If anything could have activated 12 strands of my DNA, I believe it was that experience. We danced as Aslan partners once again, and feeling how difficult it can be – has been – to connect as souls without distractions was so poignant for me, and the few moments we ‘got it right’ or clicked were a miracle to experience. And then the quickening was felt, and the Great & Central Sun Dance was called, and on the spot Solara and her facilitators created a new version of it, and it was incredible!!  So much power was moving within the circle, so much energy from the heavens coming to touch Earth, and Earth opening to receive all of it. I was standing as a Guardian, and I was feeling it in my gut, felt nauseous (wished we hadn’t just eaten a box lunch), felt just shy of overwhelmed. When I got that there would be no relief as too much going on, I had to deal with it – feel weak, fight it, rally, strengthen, feel weak once again, fail to rally, back away, then rally once again. This was a re-experiencing of a decades-long story for me personally, and it was remarkable to have it compacted into this personal struggle to be ‘present’ and ‘powerfully strong’ when the Good Stuff unfolded with this large group. And unfold it DID! We felt the celestial energies come to Earth, and Earth be embraced and embrace in return – it was so powerful as to be palpable… and heart-filling, joyful and ecstatic and serene and exciting, all at once! What a day!

Anyway, that’s why I didn’t write in September, and hope you will accept this late entry in lieu of a monthly report on what’s up with us here at the Ashram community… Peace & True Love to you all.