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Spring/Summer 2014 – Transformation Abounds!

Greetings!  After a long hiatus from managing any web presence, I am finally readying (not actually ‘ready’ yet, mind you) to re-engage with this format, and here is the first communication in more than a year – egads!

We are still not quite open for guest services, although some conversation about that is in process.  We are even hesitant to schedule any WWOOFers until our planned activities and travels calm down in late June or July.  Please bear with us, and know that we are grateful for your interest, your positive attraction to our work & goals.  Life has taken us in unanticipated directions the past 2-3 years – perhaps you can relate, no?

We are working to re-post photos of our location and facilities – please check back during May for updates!

And remember to be kind to yourself, and always to be kind to others, because everyone is transforming – a lot! – during these transitional times… back with you soon!


Guy and Gary Hari3greenhouse ext


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