Delight in the Journey, Peace in the Heart

Finding a true path to Joy...
Editor's musings

What a rocking month of June!

This month began with a partial lunar eclipse, the 15th there will be a solar eclipse at the full moon, and on July 1 there is a rare 2nd lunar eclipse, alongside the Summer Solstice – energies are flowing into and around all of us, and its starting to show!  We are forgetful, spacey, losing interest in the old paradigm & its structures, and perhaps feeling awfully lazy, tired, or unmotivated.  Sound familiar?  I’m feeling a whole new level of understanding for why we were admonished to get busy and make our plans into realities earlier, because there seems to be a bit of difficulty working & manifesting this summer in the ways to which we are accustomed.

Here at the Ashram, life moves forward, slowly… Kevin is traveling, and in a few days its my turn, so June is about keeping the gardens & plants watered in the fierce winds and heat, and watching the massive wildfire to our SE and the smoke it wafts in our direction.  The Abode gets episodes of work, and it seems as if the final dozen tasks are so much harder than the previous 120 tasks, perhaps 250!  The time is passing for focus on 3rd dimensional projects, it seems, because it feels like trying to reach back into the past instead of the more reasonable reaching into the future.

Is this Ascension?  I think it is!  A dimensional shift, at least, from our many generations of life in 3-d, with a drift towards 4-d (the collective, Oneness, Unity awareness), en route to full 5-d consciousness – the spiritual as a fact and essence of daily life.  Focused in the heart, breaking free of the dominance of the rational, structural and administrative, just as the seat in the film “Contact” agitates until it breaks free of its attachments to the otherworldly sphere, being not resonant/inconsistent with its higher-vibrational reality.  That scene and its imagery of Jody Foster’s character releasing herself from the constrictions she’s locked into to reach for a trinket that embodies a loving relationship for her, and the seat then crashing, ineffectual, seems a very apt metaphor for these days we are living through.

‘Everything you know is about to change, and there is nothing you can do to stop it!’ – at least this is what the majority of mankind senses, and feels/thinks as we move through this Year of Transformation, heading into the 2012 enigma.  What will come?  Who can know, with certainty.  Therefore we must all just find our own way through these times, being at peace and kind to others, knowing all are living through the sames events and circumstances that we ourselves are winding our way through.  Some will thrive, some will be severely challenged, none will be unchanged by these days – mark my words.

I wish you peace, I wish you joys, and I wish us all a smooth, enlightened journey through these times… Namaste, Friends.