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Winter Solstice, the year draws to a close…

Greetings to you – I hope you had a great holiday season in whatever way you honor and celebrate it.  We were home and being rather quiet here at the Ashram, by design, and I am pleasantly in a pensive and contemplative space this year, unlike so many before this one!

2010 has been a year of manifestation – were you aware of that?  Look  back now over the months that have skittered past, and see if you can say that you have created – or made good progress towards – what you imagined you wanted to see & have in 2010, at this time last year.  I hope you have done what you set out to do, have accomplished what you intended to.

For the most part, we can say as a community that we have made good progress on planned projects here: the Johnsons have an insulated front room and a second trailer, so plenty of personal space, and sufficient heat with a new woodstove – a great advancement over last winter!  The Gardners decided to move here to live, and began packing up at their property and shifting their base of operations to the ashram.  They are also in a trailer, but building (with Kevin’s help) a strawbale enclosure around it, which when completed will be a very nice space, and they have a smaller trailer for an office, and a bus for a greenhouse, which define a fine courtyard with a firepit, so have situated themselves nicely this year and look forward to completing several projects by summer.  Work continued on the Abode of the Mother (my personal space) all year, and it is nearly ‘dried in’ as winter sets in around us.  There should be no problem moving into that delightful space in the Spring, which will initiate a new phase of my adult life, with much gratitude.  Kevin completed his BA at NAU in May, and has since been home doing construction and planning for a new business endeavor, the High Desert Sustainability Institute (or HDSI), in partnership with Duncan.  This teaching project will require a facility, and the discussions of that ‘man-cave’ have filled many a social hour between them this Fall.  Plans for renovating the outdoor classroom into an beautifully-enclosed Dhyana Mandir are complete, and will begin in a few months as the Abode dwelling is completed, in time for Spring guests I hope.  It will be lovely to have a ‘temple’ or chapel once again, and its location is far enough from activity spaces to allow for great solitude and contemplation.

Former volunteer-resident Scott returned for a brief stint to build roofs over the last 4 of our 6 cabin decks, and I am very pleased to see this project completed during the past two months.  Now the guest cabins are ready for students for the HDSI classes, and any other programs we develop, beginning in the Spring.

The greenhouse side of the bath house facility is in its second winter, and it is proving to be a marvelous addition to the community.  Its brimming full of houseplants at the present time, and also producing tomatoes that didn’t do well in the summer’s late heat!  Early Spring seedlings will be started at the end of January, as will lettuces, and I am very pleased with this space and its oxygen and living-green-light gifts to any who enter and work in its embrace.

Overall, quite an abundant year of manifestation!

What are the plans for 2011? As a year of transformation, it is difficult to predict at this point… two dwellings will be completed and that comfort will be much appreciated; far more plantings of trees and flower bulbs will bloom in the Spring, and our gardens have matured to a less imaginary productivity level and are becoming more reliable, as much as possible in the high desert.  The men are looking forward to developing HDSI and offering hands-on workshops in alternative/sustainable construction techniques during the Spring-Summer-Fall – check their website after March for more information:  That’s the physical, material stuff.

I am more attracted to and fascinated to observe the unfolding of things more spiritual, emotional & consciousness-related, and perceive that we have a miraculous year ahead of us.  Watch with me as more and more people report and experience spiritual states, unpredictable events, and reaching beyond the mundane into fields of interests and topics of conversation that have been far less apparent the past decade.  Will we experience multi-dimensionals – extra-terrestrial visitors, perhaps – this year?  Will the global economy shift further into something less immense and unsustainable and become more direct-exchange driven, more intimate?  Will more of the world’s population turn their attention within, to silence, sacredness, and then express unity and oneness outwardly?  We can hope, and we can do our part in making it so.

Open your mind to things that have been only science fiction to you for so long… to things that have been the stuff of dreams, and fantasies, and stories among people who weren’t in the mainstream economically or politically.  For me, 2011 is going to be a year of transformation – of mankind, of our consciousness, of our sense of limitations.  I look so forward to this same time a year from now, to check in and see what happened during this lightning-fast 12 months… be open and detached from old paradigms, and see how well you fly!

peace, Donna