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World Peace Ashram

World Peace Ashram

We are the visible branch of the 501(c)(3) educational & charitable non-profit corporation: Divine Tools, Unlimited.  Since 2004 we have offered a rustic retreat & community for self-renewal on 80 acres in Northeast Arizona, with various programs, guest presenters and festivals/celebrations.

For the past seven years, we opened to the public each Earth Day/April, and operated as a small-scale guest and volunteer-worker retreat center through October or first frost.  We’ve met remarkable folks from all over the planet during those years, and our guests enriched us and made their marks on our facilities – we are very grateful for each of you.  This year, however, we have made a change…

For 2011, we are embracing with all of our being the current/9th or Universal Wave of the evolution in human consciousness as described by Carl Calleman (, due to his ‘translation’ for Western ‘civilizations’ or cultures of what is held in common among many indigenous peoples’ traditions and wisdom teachings – that mankind is presently undergoing a shift in consciousness, entering a New Age of Love & Light, of Peace & Oneness, developing wide-scale Unity consciousness where a paradigm of greed, fear and inequality have risen over many centuries.

This 9th wave only runs from early March through late October of this year, at the end of which time mankind will have created & received all the stimuli and opportunity available from the Source to decide what we want our Edenic, paradisical, mind-blowing Future to become.  May we all choose wisely.  The Trustees have decided to give ourselves the best possible opportunity to align with the evolutionary shifts, and to be part of the solution to the problems that at times seem to overwhelm us all.  We hope to see you again next year, and we welcome you to read through our pages, check out the Links We Love, and to write us if you feel so moved.

We send out into the world our hearts’ love and light, and a wish for pervasive peace of mind, across all beings and persons.

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